Custom cleaning services

Qualified professionals

We have a team of qualified professionals with experience in the cleaning sector. Our employees are carefully selected and receive continuous training to guarantee impeccable and satisfactory service for our clients.




Exterior cleaning of the oven

Exterior cleaning of the refrigerator

Removal of stains and dirt from doors and windows (interior)

Cleaning and degreasing of kitchen equipment

Cleaning exterior of kitchen cabinets

Cleaning exterior cabinets

Cleaning stains on electrical contacts

Cleaning and disinfecting door handles

Total cleaning of all kitchen surfaces

Cleaning and disinfection of the garbage cubicle/door

Vacuum cleaner on floors and skirting boards

Mop on floor


Shower: Cleaning and descaling

Sink: Cleaning and descaling of faucets and sink.

Bathtub (if present): Cleaning and descaling.

Mirror cleaning.

Removal of stains and dirt from doors and windows (interior).

Cleaning exterior of cabinets/shelves.

Remove dust from all surfaces.

Cleaning stains on electrical contacts.

Cleaning and disinfection of door handles.

Total cleaning of all bathroom surfaces.

Cleaning and disinfection of the garbage cubicle.

Vacuum cleaner on floors and skirting boards.

Mop on floor.


Cleaning dust in all surfaces and furniture

Clean stains and dirt on doors and windows (interior)

Desinfection and cleaning of door handles

Cleaning electrical contacts

Vacuum sofas and carpets

Vacuum floor and baseboards

Mop on floors

Final Price: 310 kr.

(per hour)

Recommended cleaning times according to m2:

- Up to 70 m2: 2 / 2:30 hours

- From 71 to 100 m2: 2:30 / 3:00 hours

- From 100 to 150 m2: 3:00 / 3:30 hours

- + 150 m2: 3:30 to 4:00 hours

To keep in mind:

We will know exactly the working time after the first visit. Since it varies according to certain items, such as: If you have pets, if you have children, if cleaning is weekly or biweekly, if there is too much lime in bathrooms, among others.

In general, the first cleaning usually takes a little longer since we take care of leaving everything 100% clean to maintain it during future visits.

We will not clean Hanging Lamps or Fragile Objects.